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Modular Non-Emissive Power Systems

Enhanced Energy Group is Now CarbonPoint Solutions

Modular Non Emissive Power Systems

There is a growing need to sequester CO2 and to transition enhanced hydrocarbon energy recovery to anthropogenic sources of CO2.  Modular sources of emissions free power with CO2 sequestration meet these emerging needs without requiring pipeline infrastructure. 

Semi-Closed Cycle Piston Engine

The Semi-Closed Cycle can be adapted to spark ignition rich burn, lean burn, or diesel / dual fuel engines.

Multi-engine installations, with between 0.5 MW and 3 MW per engine, meet a wide range of needs. 

A 3 MW system would typically capture 1 MMSCF CO2 / day or about 60 tons per day.  

The ratio of CO2 capture or production to power production can be varied to meet individual requirements.  

Semi-Closed Cycle Turbine Engine

The Semi-Closed Cycle Turbine extends the EEG range to 5 MW to 30 MW per engine.  

CO2 capture rates can exceed 10 MMSCF/D per engine.  

In many cases, tax credits and other government incentives offset the cost of the Semi-Closed Cycle and capture.   

Conventional Power and Heat Recovery Systems

EEG has established relationships with US and International Piston and Turbine Engine companies and can assist in power system selection and design for conventional as well as semi-closed cycle power applications.  

EEG is also a representative for Cain Industries Waste Heat Recovery Systems.  


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